6 Crockpot Oatmeal Recipes For Chilly Mornings!

    December 3, 2017
    crock pot oatmeal recipes

    Hi, my name is Heather, and I’m a crockpot-a-holic.  Dumping a bunch of ingredients into a crockpot and coming home to a fully cooked dinner eight hours later is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  I have a pretty steady rotation of crockpot meals like beef stew, pot roast, and lasagna (all low fat and super healthy obvs), but I’m looking to branch out.  Branch out to what you ask?  Well breakfast of course!  I found a few great crockpot oatmeal…

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    Today In “This Bitch” News

    Look at Elizabeth Hurley, LOOK AT HER.  This woman is 51, 51!  This is the last thing I need to see when I’m choking down egg whites and feeling bad about the 2o pounds…

    January 31, 2017
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    What’s My Motivation

    I have some shocking news, I struggle with motivation.  I know, I know, it’s hard to believe that someone who posts four times a year on their blog struggles with motivation, but I do!…

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    More Coffee Talk…

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    Coffee Talk

    Good morning!  So although I haven’t been doing much blogging lately (aka none at all) but I have been reading a lot of blogs, and one of the regular features I’m seeing and digging…

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    Ya Big Loser

    If you know me in real life (and let’s face it, you probably do…why else would you be reading this) you know I’ve been stuck lately.  Weight, fitness, my health, life in general, stuck,…

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    Healthy Mason Jar Recipes

    I love mason jars.  Not only are they super cute, they’re also pretty darn practical.  You through a few ingredients into a jar, screw on the lid, and BOOM, you’re good to go.  Ok,…

    September 11, 2016