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    What’s My Motivation

    January 30, 2017

    I have some shocking news, I struggle with motivation.  I know, I know, it’s hard to believe that someone who posts four times a year on their blog struggles with motivation, but I do!  I’ve  read a million articles and posts about motivation, I can rattle off laundry lists of tips to keep yourself motivated, but they haven’t been working for me, clearly. Sometimes you need a good old fashioned kick in the butt to motivate you, and I think…

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    Ya Big Loser

    If you know me in real life (and let’s face it, you probably do…why else would you be reading this) you know I’ve been stuck lately.  Weight, fitness, my health, life in general, stuck,…

    September 11, 2016
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    Healthy Mason Jar Recipes

    I love mason jars.  Not only are they super cute, they’re also pretty darn practical.  You through a few ingredients into a jar, screw on the lid, and BOOM, you’re good to go.  Ok,…

    September 11, 2016
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    The Day Before The Diet…

    Hi!  It’s Sunday, do you know what that means?  Diet starts tomorrow! If you are like me (and almost everyone I know) you start a diet every Monday, and probably end it by Wednesday,…

    August 14, 2016
  • Health and Fitness

    These Are My Confessions…

    You guys, I have a confession to make.  It has not been a super fantastic few months (years, whatevs) for me, health and fitness wise.  I’ve gained about twenty plus pounds and have gone…

    July 11, 2016
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    Fitbit Tips

    Are you at the bottom of your fitbit leaderboard?  Do your fitbit friends make fun of you because they take like a million steps a day and you take like four?  I feel your pain,…

    September 17, 2015