Early Fall Outfits

September 10, 2016

This past week we had an almost but not really hurricane, temperatures of fifty degrees, and a couple humid ninety degree days, fall in New England, amirite?

Fall/early fall/pre fall, whatever you want to call it, is, in my humble opinion, one of the most difficult seasons to dress for.  It might be fifty degrees and breezy when you leave your house, then by lunchtime it’s sunny and eighty.  Your white linen might be the right temperature choice for a humid day, but it feels weird wearing it when you’re drinking your pumpkin spice latte, seasonally you want to bust out your plaid blanket scarf, right my fellow basics?  So what do you do?  No really, I’m asking because I don’t know.

Like any other time I don’t have an answer, I went to Pinterest to find some early fall outfits for inspiration.  I picked five outfits to inspire my own sartorial choices this week, hope they inspire you too!









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