How To Wear A Fur Stole

February 1, 2017

Maybe it’s my love of Rihanna and her love of pairing fur stoles with a glass of wine, maybe it’s subliminal from the introduction of Furkat on The Affair, either way I’m really into (faux) fur stoles right now.

Fur stoles might be the most ridiculous, unnecessary accessory you can buy, and that’s probably why I love them.  Do I need one?  No.  Do you need one?  No.  Does anyone need one?  Haha, no.  I love that a fur stole serves absolutely no real purpose other than to look fabulous.

So how do you wear a fur stole?  Simple, you just put it on top of your outfit and BAM, you’re good to go.  Need a little more guidance?  Below are some of my favorite fur stole looks.

Image Via Atlantic Pacific

Break up a neutral monochromatic outfit with a brightly colored stole.  What’s that you say?  You think think a neon fur stole isn’t all that practical?  LOL, stop.


Image Via The Haute Pursuit

You are a god damn beauty queen, so wear your stole as your stash.

Image Via W Magazine

Multi-color stole, concert tee, sequin skirt, embellished shoes, just lean into the look.

Image Via Misguided Us

I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull off this lilac, leather, lip look, but you might be!  PS this stole is on sale right now for only $13.50, get it HERE.

Image Via Style Caster

Your outerwear needs a little glamour, trust me.

Image Via Who What Wear

Indulge your inner Cruella with black and white.

Image Via Wendy’s Look Book

Worried about fussing with your stole all day?  Belt it.

Image Via Who What Wear

Going out?  Up the glam factor.

Image Via Vogue

When it doubt go full Rihanna, just keep your nips covered at work.


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