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What’s My Motivation

January 30, 2017

I have some shocking news, I struggle with motivation.  I know, I know, it’s hard to believe that someone who posts four times a year on their blog struggles with motivation, but I do!  I’ve  read a million articles and posts about motivation, I can rattle off laundry lists of tips to keep yourself motivated, but they haven’t been working for me, clearly.

Sometimes you need a good old fashioned kick in the butt to motivate you, and I think I got it this past weekend.  And you know I mean a figurative kick, right?  No one is physically abused me.  I went to Camp Savage with Cathy Savage Fitness it was ROUGH.  Rough because the workouts were grueling, rough because I saw a bunch of women who have been working harder than me leading up to camp, rough because these women are super accomplished and I struggle just to get out of my house some days, rough because we were challenged to look inward and it ain’t always pretty, rough because they said I should stop drinking wine until I reach my fitness goal (I don’t know what was said after this because I fainted).

I’m afraid I painted a bleak picture of my weekend, but I swear it was awesome!  It was rough in the best possible way!  You don’t go to a weekend fitness camp to have a cake walk (mmmmm, cake).  You do something like this to be challenged, and the beauty of Cathy Savage Fitness it that they don’t just challenge you physically, they challenge you mentally and emotionally, and that, as they, is where the magic happens.

So I’m starting this week motivated, inspired, and ready to work.  And I’m pretty hopeful this motivation sticks, even with Girl Scout Cookie season right around the corner.  I’ll be sharing tips and strategies I learned over the weekend in upcoming posts, stay tuned!  Or don’t, whatever.


Looking for a little more info on Cathy Savage Fitness?  You can reach out to them via email or Facebook, or you can ask me!

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